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My Own Happiness Project
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what rights do we have......?

Yesterday as I was doing clinics at night, a young lady came to have her 2 months missed period investigated. As suspected, she was pregnant, and it was about 12 weeks old or 3 months in our common understanding.

After that, quietly she was asking for a termination of pregnancy (or abortion)... I sat her down from her panic and tried to counsel her a bit more... for my own stand lies with pro-life, I will try to dissuade her from doing that... she gave her reasons of a missing boyfriend, not securely working and fear of family rejection... common reasons... and I've heard worse honestly.

I try to understand her... intellectually... but my heart just wouldn't.

What rights do we have.... seriously...?

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ReNo said...

What the 'tuuuut'!... honestly i think u must make she feel that she will choose and do the right thing la...but how?hmm... try to to overcome all the 'common reasons' given. She must pay for all wrongdoing that she have done. Not simply abort @ kill the innocence baby! No such thing. Tell her that maybe in the beginning only she'll fell the 'common reasons' effect but after sometimes things will be alright... and most of all is to save the baby's life.

I think thats it. but then it up to u to deliver it bro... I know u can do it tru yr own way...Hopefully!