My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


random pics...........

Having lunch at my favourite place in Sandakan - Pasar Ikan Bakar Sim Sim. Yummy.

Yiyi loves to fetch me at the airport. Actually she loves the car-ride more than anything else, heh..

arteo partook in gingersnaps bake-off...

I helped adding the ground ginger in...

I helped in flattening the cookie dough too...

I helped cutting the lining paper into proper size...

Taa daa... I helped taste the final product.

I felt so involved in this bake-off.


free coffee........ at sbux.....

Happy 11th Anniversary to Starbucks

Go to any STARBUCKS in Malaysia and get your FREE Coffee from 11am to 1pm- ONLY TODAY! Bring along your friends and family...cheers!

  1. Warisan Square (You can't miss it)
  2. Palm Square, Center Point Sabah
  3. 1Borneo (Ground floor and 1st floor)
  4. 1Borneo (3rd Floor, next to GSC)
  5. CityMall
  6. Kota Kinabalu International Airport (In front of Gate 1, 2)


walk-in-recruitment for elves.......

STARBUCKS COFFEE has agreed to provide shelter for PROJECT BAG2SCHOOL while we do our promotion and fund raising (Thanks, Kay, you're the best!)

We are in need of volunteers to man the booth (in Starbucks, nonetheless, so it's not going to be a chore) at all times. You can choose the dates and times that you'll be able to sit in as show below, and just buzz me or leave a message on the comments section.

I'll be tagging a number of people who has shown interest from the beginning, feel free to volunteer even if I missed tagging you okay!!

Starbucks Coffee Warisan Square
Starbucks Coffee Palm Square, CPS


2 shifts: 12pm to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm

20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd of December 2009

Like an elf!
(Haha, or just a red top would do)

Come on, tell your friends and families to come and donate -- be there or be square peeps!!

it ain't louis vuitton... but it has goodies...

The final design by TROIKA (thanks Elly for doing this in such a short notice)...

So I guess at this point of time, I may not have anymore contributors to put anything inside the bags, we're down to our final list of goodies (though I'm still hoping for miracle)
  1. The bag itself, of course, designed by TROIKA
  2. A piece of condom and info on KASIH and its works
  3. Few pieces of chocolate from V-Chocolate
  4. Coupons from Starbucks Coffee
  5. Candy-cane or other types of candies from JS n Co.
  6. A piece of Gingersnap cookie by my family
  7. A piece of bookmark exclusive from PROJECT BAG2SCHOOL
  8. More...? Need miracle.
I'll be recruiting help very soon, do volunteer yourself please!

Now charity is definitely back in fashion!! LV, move aside... hehe.


project back2school goody-bag design...

A play on the words from a song title: Try A Little Tenderness... tacky but nice, I think.

letter to starbucks.....

Dear sir,


Firstly, KASIH would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your generous contribution on the vouchers for our fund raising activity BAG2SCHOOL.

To brief you further on this project, KASIH is a non-governmental organisation affiliated to the Malaysian AIDS Council. Our main aim is to provide support services and create awareness on issues regarding HIV/AIDS in Sabah. Currently we are also supporting a growing number of children infected and affected by the pandemic, and we are also looking into putting up a shelter home to provide the essentials for these unfortunate children, of whom a significant proportion of them have been orphaned.

Project BAG2SCHOOL is an initiative among a group of friends who wanted to contribute a little while having fun, to raise funds to buy new school materials for these children, including uniforms, schoolbags and stationery. In return for donations, a token of appreciation in the form of simple hamper would be given out.

Referring back to our conversation over the phone earlier, I would like to apply for a small space (with usage of a table and 2 chairs) for the purpose of our fund raising counter. Our proposed schedule would be from 20th December to 24th December 2009, during normal operational business hours. As this project is meant to raise fund for charity, there will be no profit-making elements in our activity. We would also like to propose to put up counters in 3 outlets (Warisan Square, Palm Square of Centre point and 1-Borneo Mall).

We look forward to a favourable reply from you soon. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Roddy Teo


dear aud...

Got this in the comment section for the previous entry on BAG2SCHOOL project:

Hi there..

How does the bag look like and how much does it cost? Appreciate the details.


So here's my reply:
Dear Aud,
Thanks for your interest in our project, you have no idea how much it made my day to have your note ;-)

The bag is the size of a common eco-bag (of the non-woven variety) suitable for reusage as shopping bag. It would be chili-red with white lettering on its front pocket.

I am not too sure if you're asking about the cost production of the bag (which is rather expensive as we only produce very little numbers of it, totally LIMITED EDITION okay! Woo-hoo-hoo!) or the minimal donation required to get the bag with goodies inside, in which case, is RM50.00 (minimal donation) inclussive of some premium chocolates, Sbux vouchers, some candies and a special home-made ginger-and-spices cookie (perhaps more) and one special LIMITED EDITION metallic red-ribbon collar pin (to show people that you're aware and you care for the issues regarding HIV/AIDS)...

The proceeds from the donation (the whole 100% of it -- as there are some generous elves around that would cover for the production and project operational costs) would be used to buy new school bags, new school uniforms, stationery, shoes and school stuffs for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Sabah. Any remaining donations will be channeled to the fund to put up a shelter home here in KK sometime soon.

Hope you're still interested in the project after such a long introduction, and hope to get your support soon!

(and the chubbiest one too, damn)

goody-bags design........

This is how our goody-bags are gonna look like... comments?

Design and bag sponsor courtesy of TROIKA DESIGN.

I walked into their shop hoping to get a cheap quotation to get these bags printed, but my budget would only cover for the handle strings. So I told Elly (the Graphic designer and production personnel) about our little intention of doing this BAG2SCHOOL project, and in the true spirit of charity and giving, they have offered us sponsorship for the bags!!

Now our little handle strings can come with actual functional pouch! Yay!!

Btw, I chose option 2 with a little bit of modification ;-j

+6 016 833 7315
f+6 088 538 452


try a little kindness........


It has been a slow progress for this project, but things are starting to take shape at the moment. A few companies have agreed to contribute some goodies, and some others have agreed (with arms twisted) to bake or get specific items to be put in ;-) Thanks a bunch, peeps!

However, we are still far from getting a luxurious bag, so please, please, please revive the festive elves in you, to contribute to the bags. Currently, for each and every bags, we have a few pieces of chocolate (premium quality ones to say the least, okay!), some home-baked cookies, candy-canes, and free coupons from Starbucks! The goody bags would be made from non-woven eco-friendly material, so its is reusable as shopping bags, and it is specially designed by a renowned local graphic designing company. Let me tell you this, the bag doesn't come in cheap (way too expensive to be considered for charity purpose) but the design company has been generous enough to sponsor the bags, so all proceeds can go directly towards the charity.

Just to re-emphasise the reason we are doing this fund raising -- to buy new stationery and schoolbags, school uniforms and shoes for some children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Sabah.

Come on, peeps, try a little kindness!

arteo's auspicious number...

Look at the number of mail I've got till today!


project 'bag to school'.......

The previous project on the cupcakes was a success, and for that I'd like to thank again the group of friends (and family) who came around to lend a hand (and money) to help make it a reality.

This time round, I've got another idea to do something for the children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Few Saturdays ago, KASIH held a Children's Party at KFC Plaza Wawasan, just to throw some fun for the kids and their caretakers. Most of them are HIV positive, but people who doesn't know wouldn't have any inkling that they are - because they run and laugh and make noise and chase about each other - just like any other kids in the world, that is until they get sick and needs to be hospitalised. That is why it is very important and very crucial to capture them while they're still healthy, monitor their progress and start treatment if necessary. It is very important to have their follow-ups on time, and medical compliance when they're started with treatment. To keep their adherence to our medical supervision actually takes a good sum of money, because KASIH actually reimburse them for their travel expenses and sometimes food allowance when they have to come from outskirts of Kota Kinabalu and all over other districts, even as far as Keningau and Kudat. And we're talking about monthly follow ups! For that very reason, KASIH needs to constantly source for sponsors and contributions from generous abled people to help.

Then again, I am going off the point about the project.

From my observation, there were quite a large number of school-going children who attended the party, probably around 20-30 kids, and those are just the ones that could make it for the party. I am yet to get the total number of school goers and those who needs assistance.

The idea is this: new school bags, new uniforms, new stationeries, new socks, new shoes et cetera for the new year for all the school goers.

And for this, we need money donated in.

For a small donation to this cause, you in turn will get a goodie-bag, filled with nick-nacks and other favourite items. The goodie-bag idea is still on the drawing board, I'll update again as soon as we've put together the stuffs to go in.

Those who wants to help in a more direct way, please don't hesitate to give me a buzz here in the blog, via my Facebook, or just give me a call/text. And we don't necessarily need your money as much as your being around for this project ;-)



ookikuro got compounded.......

Yeah, when it comes to bad driving, or road-attitude problem, or anything unfavourable, they always get pointed to the car -- never the driver. And Kancil gets the worst trashing... Heh, so Ookikuro gets compounded but Arteo has to pay for it.

Last weekend, we went out to distribute cupcakes for AIDS awareness in Gaya Street and Ookikuro had the honour to carry the hard wares to the site. You wouldn't believe that even as early as 7am, Gaya Street was already so packed and there was practically no more parking anywhere near the morning market, so I decided to test-power the four-wheel-drive, and make it climb some pavement (called slab) and park it there so we don't have to carry our stuffs very far. So for my cleverness I was awarded a compound, under Undang-undang Kecil (Peruntukan Tempat Letak Kereta) 2003, Sec (2) Meletak Kereta di tempat yang bukan (something something entah apa), and I was given 7 days to clear the charge.

So I finally went on last Friday, to DBKK. And I realised that traffic law offenders are put on the same level as squatters, since we were labelled on the same sign board.

Since the compounded charges was not mentioned in my form, I had to go up to get it clarified, and do any necessary appeals if deemed necessary. Under section 2, my type of offence (parking on a curb) can be compounded to a maximum fine of RM100, and after appeal it can be reduced to RM50. I reasoned that our activity in Gaya Street that weekend was more for charity and public awareness, not for profit making, so the nice lady in the dark blue uniform at the counter changed my charge from Section 2 to section 1, which can be further reduced to RM30 for this type of offence. Nice, dapat discount, but it feels weird being in the appealing end, because usually people would be asking to see me, to reduce their compound charges if we find mosquito larvae or breeding places in their house during Dengue outbreaks.

After the appeal, I went back down to the ground floor, where I have to make the payment. I was looking for a queue-number dispenser around the place but could not find any familiar machines that resembles a dispenser, not knowing that the ornamental looking multimedia hub is actually the queue-ticket machine.

I was not the only one that was blur. It was quite impressive that once we choose the language and business, it will dispense our queue number via the oval slab under the screen. I still seriously thought that it was decorative. Form meets function -- awesomeness!

I have to say, and praise, that the service provided by the staffs of Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu is one of the best I've received among government agencies. If only the Hospitals and MAS ticketing offices can be as efficient and as hospitable as DBKK.

Just for the record, sudah bayar ahh...


random pics in technicolour........

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, you'll find your treasure at the rainbow end ;-j

MAsWings ATR70 Propeller Fan against Sunset on South China Sea.

Crews of AirAsia on a rainy morning.

On my Office table.

Transforming to relax.


arteo went to the opening of Metrojaya at SuriaSabah...

After much anticipation over the construction of the latest addition to the shopping heaven in KK, Suria Sabah finally opens its door to shoppers today, and not wanting to be left behind in the frenzy of being there on the first day.

Not many shops are open yet, only Metrojaya and some other labels like Hush Puppies, Obermain footwear and 3dots selling undergarments, and maybe the eateries like KFC, Pizza Hut and Kenny Rogers.

Can't help it but everytime I go pass the toys department, I'll be looking out for something to get Yiyi... but maybe she has too many toys already.

And finally, after going round and round in metrojaya, I got myself a Membership for RM10, a box of undies at 10% discount and some catalogues.

The actual situation on the lowe ground floor exit... you can hear you own echo here... perhaps if we come back in 3 months' time, there'll be more things to see. Till then, I'll stick to CPS and 1B.