My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


project 'bag to school'.......

The previous project on the cupcakes was a success, and for that I'd like to thank again the group of friends (and family) who came around to lend a hand (and money) to help make it a reality.

This time round, I've got another idea to do something for the children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Few Saturdays ago, KASIH held a Children's Party at KFC Plaza Wawasan, just to throw some fun for the kids and their caretakers. Most of them are HIV positive, but people who doesn't know wouldn't have any inkling that they are - because they run and laugh and make noise and chase about each other - just like any other kids in the world, that is until they get sick and needs to be hospitalised. That is why it is very important and very crucial to capture them while they're still healthy, monitor their progress and start treatment if necessary. It is very important to have their follow-ups on time, and medical compliance when they're started with treatment. To keep their adherence to our medical supervision actually takes a good sum of money, because KASIH actually reimburse them for their travel expenses and sometimes food allowance when they have to come from outskirts of Kota Kinabalu and all over other districts, even as far as Keningau and Kudat. And we're talking about monthly follow ups! For that very reason, KASIH needs to constantly source for sponsors and contributions from generous abled people to help.

Then again, I am going off the point about the project.

From my observation, there were quite a large number of school-going children who attended the party, probably around 20-30 kids, and those are just the ones that could make it for the party. I am yet to get the total number of school goers and those who needs assistance.

The idea is this: new school bags, new uniforms, new stationeries, new socks, new shoes et cetera for the new year for all the school goers.

And for this, we need money donated in.

For a small donation to this cause, you in turn will get a goodie-bag, filled with nick-nacks and other favourite items. The goodie-bag idea is still on the drawing board, I'll update again as soon as we've put together the stuffs to go in.

Those who wants to help in a more direct way, please don't hesitate to give me a buzz here in the blog, via my Facebook, or just give me a call/text. And we don't necessarily need your money as much as your being around for this project ;-)


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