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My Own Happiness Project
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dear aud...

Got this in the comment section for the previous entry on BAG2SCHOOL project:

Hi there..

How does the bag look like and how much does it cost? Appreciate the details.


So here's my reply:
Dear Aud,
Thanks for your interest in our project, you have no idea how much it made my day to have your note ;-)

The bag is the size of a common eco-bag (of the non-woven variety) suitable for reusage as shopping bag. It would be chili-red with white lettering on its front pocket.

I am not too sure if you're asking about the cost production of the bag (which is rather expensive as we only produce very little numbers of it, totally LIMITED EDITION okay! Woo-hoo-hoo!) or the minimal donation required to get the bag with goodies inside, in which case, is RM50.00 (minimal donation) inclussive of some premium chocolates, Sbux vouchers, some candies and a special home-made ginger-and-spices cookie (perhaps more) and one special LIMITED EDITION metallic red-ribbon collar pin (to show people that you're aware and you care for the issues regarding HIV/AIDS)...

The proceeds from the donation (the whole 100% of it -- as there are some generous elves around that would cover for the production and project operational costs) would be used to buy new school bags, new school uniforms, stationery, shoes and school stuffs for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Sabah. Any remaining donations will be channeled to the fund to put up a shelter home here in KK sometime soon.

Hope you're still interested in the project after such a long introduction, and hope to get your support soon!

(and the chubbiest one too, damn)


aud said...

Hi Arteo, Chief Elf,

Wah, one whole entry as a reply to my comment! :D

Yes, for a good cause, for your long intro, I'll get one, or two. Yeay for Starbucks! How 'limited' is Ltd Edition - maybe can flog a few here and there.

Do let me know once the bag is available - that's gonna be before Christmas, right?

happy days,

p.s. I notice you like Indo-pop. Have you listened to Maliq & D'Essentials? My fav Indo band is Samsons, singer Rossa :)

ARTEo said...

Hey Aud, I'll let you know once the bags are ready ;-)

yeah, I love Indo-pop

I have CD from Maliq, and another group called RAN is also very impressive

I like groupies that can sing and sing meaningful lyrics, for that Krispatih does very well, but Pasha's voice from Ungu is my fav. When I melalak in karaoke I'll try to imitate his breathy voice like he sings it and the end of each line. Rossa is nice too, and Agnes Monica also.

Locally, I like Sabahan duo Roger Wang and Mia Palencia, AdibahNoor and Sheila Majid.

basically, I like Jazz... hehe.


aud said...

:) I'll just say great minds have great tastes..haha! Yes, Kerispatih has fab songs too. My fav one from Pasha is his duet with Rossa; yes I am biased like that. RAN - I need to youtube them I guess.

Looking forward to the bags!


ARTEo said...

Baglady... hhmm... do I know you from somewhere?

aud said...

Hi ARTeo,

I don't think we've met or that you know me from somewhere. Hmm, no .. I am sure of that. There are bagladies aplenty..haha ;)