My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


the day i took pictures for my cousin's wedding...

A chance to practice my unsung skills in photography, I was asked to snap pics during my cousin's wedding ceremony.

And this is my winning shot.

The coloured version is available in my flickr...


the one about our local sex commercialism...

Having been on the street for about as month, I have familiarised myself with the night scene of the local sex commercialism. I have been out for exactly 13 nights, distributed more than 2 cartons of comdoms and about 90 health education flyiers, and done about 1 - 5 street counselings a night.

Walking the street mostly alone, and known popularly among the night people as "Eddie Kondom" I have the opportunity to observe the business in close proximity.

One sexual transaction usually consist of a blowjob "icecream" or a handjob "bayu-bayu". These are regularly priced at RM50 a session, while anal penetration "oring" will cost up to RM200 a session.

Being such a regular wallpaper at the scene of the local sex trade, I have made friends with the important anchors or "mommies" of these sex workers, and as JR has taught me the secret of surviving on the streets before, the night people will be able to sense if you're sincere about doing your job, I was able to get close to them and in more than one occasions, they had smartly brought me to escape the CIDs roaming the street sometimes up to no good.

At the current moment only about 10 percent of them are attending my STD clinic but I am still happy with the slow but promising progress, as 2 out of the 3 prominent mommies are coming and actively siphoning their people in.

My current concern is this.. being friends with them is one matter, but standing face to face with prostitution, and this rotten morality so harshly scorned in the Bible, I wonder if there is a greater purpose for me being in the street with them, but surely I know that by handing out rubbers I am only concerned about the spread of HIV as a measure of harm reduction.

Maybe at this point of time, morality is someone else's job.