My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


mushrooms galore........

My lunch today. Planned this for 2 days already, since I didn't get back in time to cook after gym last night, so I sped back home after class and start on this culinary project ;o) yummy...

I'm yet to name this dish yet. Ideas?

The ingredients:

Portobello, swiss whites, brown buttons and Korean enoki. Sliced beef is marinated and then stir fried for a few minutes before adding in the mushrooms and seasonings. Salt is added last, just a sprinkle, to prevent water from the mushrooms leaking out and making them soggy.

Last weekend's dinner -- spiral pasta with bbq cheese added to the mushroom tomato sauce. Beef is grilled with Italian herbs rub. Chef Jey lead the production that day.


red nose project coffee chat #2..................

18.01.2011, sbux jayaone, pj
  1. Hey hey! Admittedly this has been a very very late minute on our last meeting. Sincere apologies on my side.
  2. The second Coffee session was held last Tuesday at the same place and time, and we had 3 new people joining us ;o) Sheon came, Shuey brought 3 new friends over -- Wai Ling, Patrick and Dr Irinda. Unfortunately Albert has a meeting on, Garrett was not well, and so was Sheon's friend who planned to come. Anyway, here's wishing a speedy recovery for them ;o)
  3. Okay, now the brief on stuffs that were discussed. We were joined by 2 staffs of Malaysian AIDS Council, Azahemy and a friend, to explain to us the related issues on fund raising for Malaysian AIDS Foundation. They seemed alright about the idea of the project, just needing a proposal paper to help explain better to the MAF Board of Trustees. I am yet to receive the document on MAF Fund-raising guideline from them, but once I have read through it, I'll summarise it here for you guys ;o) I will also have to prepare the Project Proposal write up for them by Monday. Ah... there goes my weekend ;o/
  4. The amount of money that is set as fund-raising target may be pledged on a contract basis, and we "might" be liable to meeting the amount. That kinda scare us off a little bit, and have decided to bring the number down from RM50k to RM20k. Let's try small for the first time, and over-achieving our target has a nice ring to it ;o)
  5. The structure of the Red Nose Project has been modified slightly to better suit the current existing programmes. Rather than having the finale Red Nose Day as a stand-alone event, we're thinking of piggy-riding on The Malay Mail Walkathon planned on the 3rd April 2011. MAF is also their main beneficiary for this fund raising walkathon. Perhaps an army of Red Nose walker will be at Dataran Merdeka, also to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS as it happens ;o)
  6. The mob flash (RED FLASH) is still on as previously planned, on the week 12 weekend (26th or 27th March). The locations is still tentatively at the front open space of Pavilion KL. We're still deciding on the thing to do (rather than just appearing with a red nose) maybe a choreographed movement?
  7. The Comedian show may be shifted to week 13 weekend (1st or 2nd April). We're still yet to get any comedians to agree to join our project, but I guess it's not time to panic yet. We'll keep om trying ;o) We're discussing the location that is probable to stage the comedian show. Any suggestions on a space that can hold up to 300-400 pax? We're thinking of asking the TAR Uni (PJ) for their auditorium. Got contacts?
  8. Rather than setting up a bazaar / garage sale on our own, we've discussed the possibility of just putting up a booth or two, in any existing bazaars or flea markets. This is basically for the Red Nose Project to gain publicity and we're inviting people to come as vendors under Red Nose Project and pledge the proceeds to the cause. Anything with a Red Nose theme would be nice ;o)
  9. We're getting samples from 2 resources for the plastic red nose. It's still happening too slowly, and I am getting slightly anxious over this issue ;o/ But thanks Sheon, for reminding me that this project is supposed to be fun and there's very little benefit to gain from getting myself worked up and stressed ;o) Maybe another cup of coffee would help!
  10. Since the bulk of the fund is estimated to come from corporate sponsorship, we have to start the soft approach to the companies already and get them to consider donating to our cause ;o)
  11. The next coffee session is scheduled at the same time and place next week, unless there's any other suggestions? Don't miss the fun, come join us for a cup of coffee and we'll chat ;o)


shiitake happens......!

The worst part about home cooking is...
...the cleaning up ;o(

I love mushrooms... can't you tell?

clockwise from top: runny yolk sunny side up (my favourite), smoked chicken franks, stir-fried shiitake with lemon and pepper seasoning (using fresh mushrooms makes all the difference), hash browns, strips of japanese cucumber

stir fried minced beef marinated with japanese sauce, with fresh shiitake, japanese cucumber and spring onion


3 coffees, red honkers and celebrities.....

  1. Feeling kinda restless -- having tremors and palpitations from caffeine overdosing but weirdly my mind is still lagging... Feeling so sleepy. Been doing gym everyday ;o) for the past 5 days, and depriving myself of afternoon naps. Trying to readjust the diurnal sleep pattern, will... get... through... this... eventually... I know... zzz......
  2. Feeling the void from post Toy Story Project, I quickly launched the Red Nose Project. Much criticism on the project initially, from the motives of a fun-in-return type of charity, to the seemingly short time for planning and fund raising. Putting the tentative date for Red Nose Day Malaysia on 1.04.11, I still feel that it's a little way to far to get people sufficiently excited at this point of time. Got to strengthen the core group running the show first.
  3. Wrote to a few celebrities but have not gotten any responds yet ;o( but I'm still writing more anyway...


red nose coffee chat #1.......

Coffee Talk 01 - 11.01.11
  1. Thanks very much to Sheon, Albert, Garret, Shuey and Tony (for coming along a short while) for participating in the brainstorming session at Starbucks JayaOne. We were expecting more would come ;o) but anyway the group was appropriately small for a more intimate brainstorming activity ;o)
  2. To keep our discussion ambiance at a more relaxed tone, meetings will be called Coffee sessions. Minutes of discussion will be presented in blog form. Nice?
  3. The purpose of that first session of brainstorming was to lay down the basic methodology by which we would carry out this fund raising project. The mood of the project was set to 'casual and easy' by majority consensus. Rationale being that we've been subject to hard structure at work from 9 to 5, so this project would preferably be carried out in a more flexible rhythm -- as friends who want to do a bit of good and have fun while at it ;o)
  4. The main objective for organising Red Nose Project, primarily is to raise fund to benefit the HIV shelter homes that are affiliated with Malaysian AIDS Council.
  5. Secondary objectives are to raise public awareness on HIV issues, and of course, to have fun in the process.
  6. As discussed during the first coffee session, logically we only have time to do 2 collateral events and a finale (which is scheduled on 1 April). These 3 events would be the fund raising components of the project. Another activity that is not a part of the fund raising effort, but more of a publicity effort -- by doing a flash mob activity, will also be planned.
  7. According to a document that I've got from MAC, there are 19 shelter homes in Malaysia catering for PLWHA (people living with HIV and AIDS), but only 6 of them cater for children. There are 3 in KL, and 1 in Sabah, Kelantan and Pahang respectively. So we're targeting these 6 homes specifically.
  8. The events that are listed (but subject to improvements and further development of ideas) include a stand up comedian show, a garage sale / flea market and a finale event which we have yet any ideas on what type of event to organise.
  9. At this point, some of us are doing our initial contacts with some funny people that may help us with the events -- Harith Iskander, Doudlas Lim, Adibah Noor, JJ and Ean. Any other connections to other funny people are very much welcomed ;o)
  10. Albert, Garrett and Christine are working on sourcing the red nose.
  11. We have no objections for companies to use our events as marketing scheme as long as we're achieving our fund raising objectives, but this point would have to be developed further.
  12. We would be getting someone from MAF to sit in our Coffee sessions to advise us on the fund transactions protocols from corporate donors and such. Arteo will call MAF again soon, before the next Coffee.
  13. To start small, we've put RM50k as our target amount of fund raising this time. The amount is still open for discussion. We'll have to solidify our targets and events to plan by the next Coffee session. We all promised to sleep on it first ;o) I hope we won't be insomniac after all that coffee...
  14. The next Coffee session will be at the same place, same time next week 18.01.11. Invitations will be through an event page. Click on "attend" please ;o)


trying out fusion........

Hearty meal in a plate, where East meets West ;oP

~Spaghetti Al Fungi, with mushroom tomato sauce and smoked cheese~
~Stir fried blanched asparagus with garlic~
~Gung-pao chicken with Korean Seaweed~

  1. Chicken cutlets marinated in Italian herbs and oyster sauce
  2. Sliced onion x1
  3. Diced yellow bell pepper x1 medium size
  4. Dried chilli x10, seeded
  5. Wasabi flavoured cashew and macadamia nuts x1 small packet from Tong's
  6. Korean seaweed, flavoured with sesame
  1. Baby Butterhead leaves
  2. Fishcake
  3. Oyster sauce
Chef Jeremy at work...


arteo gets a new laptop........

the spankin' brand new gadget -- ASUS A42JE
  1. Went for computer shopping at the PJ Digital Mall yesterday. Man, I am so not in tune with the computer lingo, I just can't pretend I'm smart enough to know what I want. All I can say is I need 3 things done -- do a thesis, go online, and occasionally watch a movie.
  2. Had a dilemma of either getting a laptop, or a desktop. Since portability is already provided by my netbook, I don't need another mobile computer to lug around, so that benefit is not considered in getting my next computer. Most of the sales people manning the shops there are more, if not just as dungu as I am, I feel. All these youngsters want to do is to impress me with how well their machine can carry a gaming software, which is totally redundant to me. If it's all included, I might even ask for it to be removed just to save on a few grams of weight. Totally of no use to me.
  3. So I went around searching for a computer that hopefully will stick around till I finished my thesis, based on how well the sales chap can talk... and answer my questions correctly, I mean convincingly, and don't make me roll my eyes. And I found him at Tech World IT Sdn Bhd.
  4. Finally I came home with something out of the convention -- I've been buying from HP for the past 2 computers, and before that, Acer. But now, I'm getting myself an ASUS. Meet my new baby -- Asus A42JE !! RM1799 plus so many collaterals thrown in, including another cool laptop bag, cooler fan, ecobag, mouse, pad, wrist rest, cleaning gadgets, etc etc..
  5. My laptop that just conked was one of the few remaining earlier generation HP Pavilion with touch screen that can be flipped backwards to become a tablet pc. This model has cought on such a lousy reputation in the market, with so many complains, that I was not able to trade it in before it crashed. Anyway, I guess mine was one of the lucky ones to have lasted this long. I just hope that Asus A42JE will last for the next 4 years at least ;o)
rest well in peace, friend, we've been through a lot together
ie almost the whole season of Gilmore Girls, Chuck 1&2, Heroes and Sex and the City...

arteo's thoughts on red nose project 2011..........

Hey hey... how's everybody? Hope you had a blast during the New Year holiday!

As promised, here's a little thought on the next project that we can do together, it's called The Red Nose Project ;o) read on and hope you'll be excited about it too ;o)

Inspired by the Red Nose Day of UK, we're motivated to join in the fun by organising (of course) fun filled events that involves people participation. Red Nose Project is a series of events organised to raise fund for local charities.

Because we'll all be wearing our Red Nose during the events! The Red Nose is all about injecting the element of FUN into the activities, a reminder to enjoy what we're doing, even for events as serious as a fund raiser ;o) It's also a way to say that we're doing ordinary things in extra-ordinary ways.

That's where YOU come in ;o) we need to brainstorm on what types of activities we can do together! Events can be of any social function involving the public, preferably FUN type of events ;o) During these events, we'll all be wearing our Red Noses. Imagine everybody with a clown nose... now, isn't that fun? Let's start small for the first year, let's see if we can come up with a couple of events. Maybe 3. Or 4? Or 5?

The Project will then close with the summit event on the 1st of April, which is also April Fool's Day. Imagining an event perhaps involving some of our local comedians... Have a bit of publicity going on... Get people to be aware of what we're doing... and next year we'll plan slightly bigger ;oD

Events are definitely not finalised yet... I've some suggestion scribbled in my notebook. Have any swell ideas? Jot them in your books and when we meet up, lets compare notes ;o) Since events may take a bit of planning, lets meet up real soon ;o)

Ah, the money talk... During events, we'll be dishing out Red Noses to participants for an exchange of a small donation... I'm thinking RM10/nose... proceeds from these Red Nose will then be channeled to local charities.

People who are excited about the cause of Red Nose Projects may infect their school-mates / office-mates / family members with the same enthusiasm. Just pledge a donation to the charity and we'll send them the Red Noses to wherever they are ;o) They can then organise their own Red Nose Event in their schools / offices and take lots of pictures, or just have a group picture taken with everybody sporting a Red Nose, and upload it to our Red Nose Project Facebook page.

Exactly. Currently it is still not in existence. During the last project (if you still remember Operation Toy Story 2010) Kennedy has been (strongly) suggesting that we should have a FB event page where people can join in, get more infos, upload photos etc... Okay now the confession -- I suck at stuffs like these -- and I really hope someone would volunteer to help with these techno stuffs ;o) Maybe Kennedy would like to volunteer? Hehe...

1. Promote awareness on HIV issues -- we can discuss the scope when we meet ;o)
2. Raise fund in aid of shelter homes that cater for HIV infected / affected children
3. Create a medium of social networking through project organisation and participation
4. Have some fun ;o)

I am in the middle of collecting information from Malaysian AIDS Council on their affiliated shelter homes. The need is definitely there, I've been involved in a shelter home running for the same cause in Kota Kinabalu previously. There is much work to do to create awareness, reducing social stigma and provide resources for the continuous operations of such shelter homes. My passion is for the Paediatrics HIV.

Since the Red Nose Day is tentatively scheduled for April 1st, we have still about 2 1/2 months to plan, organise and carry out the programmes. I have given myself till the end of this month to source for Red Noses and identify the shelter homes in need of funding. We have to meet as soon as possible to brainstorm on ideas.

I'm pretty excited about this, so do buzz me, or email me back here if you're interested. Lets get together and we'll talk shop okay ;o)

Now you also know why I use this ;o) so much... I'm already wearing a Red Nose all along ;o)

Hear from you soon, ya!!



things i'm missing right now.......

chicken feet soup, crispy cucur and fresh ikan bakar
Pasar Sim-sim, Sandakan

my potted plants in the office. never dies, never fails. very calming indeed
just need a lil' sunshine.... or fluorescent light would do just fine
Beluran Health Office

the stuff i do when i'm stressed... transforming these fellas to vehicle mode, then robot mode, then vehicle mode, then....
Beluran Health Office


christmas wish, economics, a.g.e. outbreaks and clown noses.....

Somewhere over the rainbow...
  1. Generally a good day today. The dreaded Health Economics class turned out to be very interesting. It could be because of the interesting way our lecturer DrN presented economics to us (and also the umpteen reminders of how she loves Cadbury Chocolate Family-size Bar, Milk Chocolate No Nuts No fruits, preferably Not Made in Malaysia) haha. But she sure whipped up the entire class' appetite for more of her lectures (other than the appetite for KFC Original Recipe drumsticks with sides of coleslaw, whipped potato and a bun)
  2. Got my Christmas present today. Late, but very timely. I was at Bangsar Village II waiting for Garrett to go lunch, and there was this blind guy on the piano serenading away. So I helped myself to the free performance. And suddenly he stopped and I guess it was the intermission, but I asked him if he could play O'er the Rainbow for me. He obliged and did the slow-jazz rendition of that song. Loved it. Loved it much! He's good!
  3. Jeremy has had food poisoning over the New Year weekend, and he wasn't able to eat anything for more than 24 hours, so I brought him to UMMC thinking of getting him put on a drip. At first he was given a Triage 3, so I told the counter fella that I'll put the drip on myself so he was changed to Triage 2. After getting a bed and got his vitals taken, I realised that I wasn't allowed to put a line for him, as I am not a staff of UMMC. So we got demoted back to Triage 3, and out to the Common Waiting Hall we were for the next 2 hours. We even watched a whole movie on TV about a dog who could fly and wears a cape, from abut 30 meters away, and never even really found out the title of that movie. Finally he got fed up, and decided to leave. Fortunately he was okay and able to tolerate sips till the next day.
  4. Found out that Garrett was down with food poisoning too, and right after our lunch today, he went back to puke some more. He found a curly piece of hair in his second round of fried rice in PapaRich (ullgghh) and got it replaced after downing half of it. So he ended up eating 2 1/2 portions of fried rice with eggs. My suspicion is overloading on fried rice, however, haha.
  5. Went over to a party supplies shop in Bangsar and found a red nose there. RM5.90 per piece, but not exactly the type I was looking for. So the hunt continues...


cheaper than eating out....?

Hardly, I guess... but this is just the beginning, and soon I'll be cooking boring cheap stuffs not worthy of blog posts... till then, let me pride over my creations ;o)

Okay this first one isn't really a creation, just crack, tear, throw in pan and stir fry...

Sunday breakfast

single course dinner

when service tax is up to 6 percent........

While the Government has decided to postpone the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST), it has increased Government Services tax from 5 percent to 6 percent effective on 1 Jan, 2011.

Time to learn to cook and put my Jamie Oliver cookbooks to good use!


main course

side of

main dish

main dish

main dish

main dish


eleven resolutions for the two-owh-one-one......

the gunturun is difficult to control... breathe... breathe... breathe...
  1. Stop procrastineting. I'll check the spelling later.
  2. Listen more, talk less...
  3. Remember to breathe. Bite the urge to retort. Be milder of temperament.
  4. Gym, gym, gym, gym, gym...
  5. Drop 6 inches. Maybe 4. Why not 6... Okay, 4...
  6. Learn something new. Perhaps start on the felt-craft project.
  7. Start on Wings Connection
  8. Cook more often.
  9. Have more ME TIME.
  10. Run a marathon. Or at least join one.
  11. Go vacation...
For those who need help coming up with New Year resolutions, click here

happy new year 2011.......!

See'ya 2010, it's been great ;oP Thanks very much!! Now to aim higher and better for 2011 ;o) love, hope and faith all the way! Happy New Year!

The socks doll sent by Florence for Operation Toy Story ;o) posing for photo before being sent to the kids