My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


arteo gets a new laptop........

the spankin' brand new gadget -- ASUS A42JE
  1. Went for computer shopping at the PJ Digital Mall yesterday. Man, I am so not in tune with the computer lingo, I just can't pretend I'm smart enough to know what I want. All I can say is I need 3 things done -- do a thesis, go online, and occasionally watch a movie.
  2. Had a dilemma of either getting a laptop, or a desktop. Since portability is already provided by my netbook, I don't need another mobile computer to lug around, so that benefit is not considered in getting my next computer. Most of the sales people manning the shops there are more, if not just as dungu as I am, I feel. All these youngsters want to do is to impress me with how well their machine can carry a gaming software, which is totally redundant to me. If it's all included, I might even ask for it to be removed just to save on a few grams of weight. Totally of no use to me.
  3. So I went around searching for a computer that hopefully will stick around till I finished my thesis, based on how well the sales chap can talk... and answer my questions correctly, I mean convincingly, and don't make me roll my eyes. And I found him at Tech World IT Sdn Bhd.
  4. Finally I came home with something out of the convention -- I've been buying from HP for the past 2 computers, and before that, Acer. But now, I'm getting myself an ASUS. Meet my new baby -- Asus A42JE !! RM1799 plus so many collaterals thrown in, including another cool laptop bag, cooler fan, ecobag, mouse, pad, wrist rest, cleaning gadgets, etc etc..
  5. My laptop that just conked was one of the few remaining earlier generation HP Pavilion with touch screen that can be flipped backwards to become a tablet pc. This model has cought on such a lousy reputation in the market, with so many complains, that I was not able to trade it in before it crashed. Anyway, I guess mine was one of the lucky ones to have lasted this long. I just hope that Asus A42JE will last for the next 4 years at least ;o)
rest well in peace, friend, we've been through a lot together
ie almost the whole season of Gilmore Girls, Chuck 1&2, Heroes and Sex and the City...

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