My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


seeking talents, behind and in front of the camera...


Hey hey, people!! We're looking for people with nice sweet face and smile :-) to pose portraits of themselves wearing a red nose like this ;o) The pictures will be arranged into a collage to create a montage, of which the Red Nose icon will be super-imposed on, like the sample I've posted earlier. We have relatively short time to do it, so I'm hunting for serious SERIOUS volunteers to help me out with this.


Okay, first, we'll need the photographers. Anyone with a digital camera that can take decent pictures with a white background would be good enough. A decent camera means it can take up to 5 megapixels picture size, so technically any compact digital cameras made after the year 2005 would be able to do the trick. DSLRs are GRREAATT but hardly necessary ;o)

We will need the photographers to send the pictures, unedited, to me at so I can pass them to the design person in the merchandising team of the project. We'll need the format to be upper body, 4x3" @ 300dpi. Since we need about 50 pictures of different poses to make a good randomly distributed montage, we need at least 5 volunteer photographers.

Buzz me as soon as you read this and would be able to help out ;o) We'll really like it if you have celebrities friends who want to lend a hand...errr... face. We'll need to standardise the pictures so please contact me to get the red nose to be used on the models.


That was about the photographers. Now the talents. It doesn't matter if no one other than your mom thinks that you've got a likable face, as long as you have eyes that can wink, a nose to clip the red nose on, and a mouth that can smile, we'll take you in ;o) Okay, maybe that wasn't haha funny. Anyway...

We're looking for people who'd want to have their face to be a part of the montage. We need people of all sizes, colours and structures. What needed is a few pictures of you doing certain poses ;o) To standardise the pictures, we'll need to adhere to these few instructions:
  1. Models must be wearing plain coloured shirts with no graphics. Any types of collar is okay.
  2. Red nose is distributed to volunteering photographers. I'll put you in touch with a photographer nearest to you ;o)
  3. We'll have you do 3 pictures, one facing the camera winking and smiling, 2 freestyles.
  4. All pictures taken down to chest level only, like passport photo, maybe slightly lower... so it's okay if you have a thing about not wearing pants ;o)
  5. Back ground must be white (any hue of white is okay)
Buzz me if you want to appear on our t-shirts ;o) I'll tell you more about the project ;o)