My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


it ain't louis vuitton... but it has goodies...

The final design by TROIKA (thanks Elly for doing this in such a short notice)...

So I guess at this point of time, I may not have anymore contributors to put anything inside the bags, we're down to our final list of goodies (though I'm still hoping for miracle)
  1. The bag itself, of course, designed by TROIKA
  2. A piece of condom and info on KASIH and its works
  3. Few pieces of chocolate from V-Chocolate
  4. Coupons from Starbucks Coffee
  5. Candy-cane or other types of candies from JS n Co.
  6. A piece of Gingersnap cookie by my family
  7. A piece of bookmark exclusive from PROJECT BAG2SCHOOL
  8. More...? Need miracle.
I'll be recruiting help very soon, do volunteer yourself please!

Now charity is definitely back in fashion!! LV, move aside... hehe.