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My Own Happiness Project
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random juke: buksan.....

Remember some time ago in March I posted an entry of song lyrics called Buksan, which means "Open..." in Tagalog... okay I've got the file ready for downloading. It's very easy, just click on the link, and if it requires that you become a member to download, just do because it's so easy to enroll. If not, well, lucky you....

wma / 3.31MB / 3m 35s / 128kbps

Buksan is sung by Fr Mimo Perez, a Catholic Priest in the Philippines. The song is basically talking about being open to God, but I still am yet to get help from anybody to translate the whole song...

Pinid ng pintuan
Mistulang dingding
Walang sinuman ang maaring tanggapin
Anong pumipigil?
Anong nagbabawal?
Sa sariling mundo
Ba’t di ka lumaya?

Buksan ang iyong mga mata
Kahit may luha
Ay mamahalin pa rin kita
At tutulungang

Basong may tubig
Lagyan mong muli
Aapaw dahil wala ng silid
Ang pusong may galit di maaring umibig
Bulag sa wasto
Alipin ng isip...

Buksan mo at mamahalin parin kita...
p/s: If you'd notice that I've taken down the fake i-pod that starts playing automatically when you come to Patch, one thing is because waiting for the whole song to stream is extremely nerve challenging, and secondly, why just listen to it when you can keep it right? Just don't expect songs from reality shows because I usually download ripped music from the original cd that I bought.

Enjoy now..

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