My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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travelogue: day 5 - jakarta to yogyakarta.....

Woke up early on Sunday, but not early enough for church. So I went to get a train ticket at Stasiun Gambir for the journey to Jogja later in the evening. I managed to get a 5pm train.

Stasiun Gambir.

The station is located just next to Monas, the National Monument of Indonesia. There's a huge park around it and with the beautiful sunny day makes a lovely occasion for photography. The sunny day also makes it a sweaty-sweaty day for me.

I thought only the Indonesians in KK like to have picnic wherever they see a green patch, now I know where it all came from... hehehe...

Monas - I guess it stands for Monumen Nasional?

An escapee from Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the middle of Jakarta.

People are selling books everywhere. You'd think Asians are naturally camera shy and sprint off the moment someone points a camera at them... but some are even asking for it... poser!

No wonder I thought I smelled something... not so nice... though I first saw a horse-carriage only on my last day here, but in Jogja and Solo, horse-carriages are a common sight.

Just before I checked out from the hotel, I went to give the ikan bakar a try. Dishes I had for lunch from top left, clock-wise: blocks of tempe, ayam bakar, ulam, pecel, rice with generous sprinkling of kriuk-kriuk and roasted ikan kambing-kambing. I don't know why they call it kambing-kambing, but it's nice did not taste like mutton at all.

After packing and checking out, I had a couple of hours to kill before the train leaves fro Jogja. So I loitered around the shopping mall (what we call melepak, in Indon it's bercengkerama).

Had a beef sandwich at Dunkin Donuts, and a frozen cappuccino.

The train station is terribly jam packed. Family members are allowed to go into the boarding area for a fee of Rp1500. So actually, there were more people than it's supposed to be in the station...

There's TV in the coach - but it was showing advertisements all the time... of what you can buy on the train, the food that's available on sale and all... boring! Later they were showing a C grade action movie, but I couldn't be bothered.

Jakarta from the railway...

I couldn't really sleep on the train. I woke up on and off, and this picture I took at a stop at Kroya. I don't know where that was, and how many more stops before we reach Jogja.

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