My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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travelogue: day 2- jalan-jalan jakarta.......

Since my computer sorts the pictures according to the date they were taken, some of the pictures from the first day spilled over to the second day. To give due credit to all the performers, I've put up the rest of the late performers. The show ended at about 12am local time, but my camera date already showed 0100 am.

The Starbucks partners behind the counter.

This is where I update my blog from everyday. The place is a tad bit run down with connection super slow, but beggars can't be choosers...

Reconstruction under progress

There are many of these warung / pondok selling food all along the road. When you're hungry you don't care much about the black exhaust from the traffic.

One of the most readily available form of public transport in Jakarta - the Bajay

There was a demonstration at the HI Roundabout in the middle of Central Jakarta, and I managed to snap some pictures of the procession. The people were chanting "Revolusi! Revolusi! Revolusi sampai maju!"

Another paparazi like me...

Plaza Indonesia is like the KLCC of Jakarta.

Came back in the evening to have early dinner at a warong near my hotel. Had masakan Padang, which is generally more spicy than the rest of Indonesian traditional cuisines.

I had a bit of everything: rendang sapi, ayam bakar, cumi goreng, pecel, and some boiled leafy vege to be had with sambal.

Indonesians love iced sweet tea and this brand is their favourite, Teh Botol Sosro.

As I don't usually bring my camera out at night, I didn't take pictures from the second jazz performance I went to in South Jakarta.

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