My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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travelogue: day 3 - the hunt for luwak_part i......

On the third day, I was set to hunt for a rare and expensive coffee called the luwak coffee. I've been reading about luwak (luak) coffee prior to this, and now that I've come to the only place where it's found, it has to be one of my most important missions, to get some back home. After a failed search yesterday, I got myself better informed of where to find it, and set my journey to the west... actually, north... of Jakarta, to find it.

While on the way, I took some more pictures.

This is another form of public transport in Jakarta, the Ojek. Actually it's a fast ride on a motorcycle, helmet optional. Riding on an Ojek is cheaper than Bajay, around Rp3,000 per trip as compared to Rp5,000 for Bajay.

The 3-star hotel I stayed in. Actually traveling alone would be expensive if one stays at a place like this...

There are many military posts like this scattered around the city. This one is right across the street I'm staying at. Unlike military posts back home, these over here are less guarded, and the armies look more relaxed than those back home.

Jalur Jaksa, the street lined with backpacker-lodges from end to end. At night, this place would be livelier with drunked bules and sex workers. Bule is the word they use for what we call Mat Salleh back home.

The Internet terminal from outside.

Indonesian youngsters going to school.

This ghostly motive is found all over Jakarta - called leak, or djins. Later in Jogja I would get myself a tattoo with this image.

Fried spring chicken. Tempting but seeing the way it's prepared, I think I'll stick to restaurants.

I had some satay for lunch. The difference between their satay and ours, is that they prepare it only after your order, the seasonings and all. I had some mutton satay, don't think we have that commonly back home.

And the other difference is that the sticks are thick bamboo splinters instead of thin ones familiar to us.

You'd see many groups like this around, young and old, playing music and singing away. Apparently karaoke here is expensive, and they're practising to serenade you while you eat, or stuck in jam perhaps?

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