My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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the one about camera ethnicities......

When I am introduced to another photographic enthusiast, quite unvariably the first exchange question is... "what is your camera?"... and this question comes out more oftenly not because we really want to know what camera the other person is using, but because we want to tell them what camera we are using. And at such, the world of photo-takers are grouped into a few categories or camera ethnicities. In Sabah (or even Malaysia) a photo-taker would belong to either the Canonians, the Nikonians or the Sonyans race. Those not of these major racial grouping can be checked under Lain-Lain like you would when filing up a form (Pentaxans, Olympian, Ben-Quins etc)

Note that I purposely choose to call these ethnicities of the photo-takers (or camera-owners), because I believe, that photographers proper should not be divided by their tools of trade, but by the genre of photography they do. Even if technical infos need to be exchanged when discussiong a photo, one should only quote the lens and other EXIF data like the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure etc..

Plus, I own both Sony and Canon cameras. So does that make me half-breed? I wonder, hehehe.

As for myself, I like to take street photography and capture lifestyle in photojournalist style. That is why some of my preferred pictures are those that I took a moment before my subjects are ready with their poses. At the moment when he's taking his comb out to straighten his hair, or at the moment when she was concentrating so hard in her work, she didn't realise I was taking her picture. Posed pictures are fine, but sometimes it disturbs the subject, or takes them out of their natural environment.

It takes luck also to have the moment when you're ready with your camera and just waiting for the subject to engage in the lens to lens connection (eye lens and camera lens - lame, I know) and shoot, like the picture of these boys having Coca-Cola for breakfast.

So, as a photographer, what kind of photographs do you take?

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