My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


not on your own kin......

There's a saying like that, where some doctors are hesitant to do procedures like surgery, and even sometimes hesitant to treat family members and loved ones. In cases involving family members, treating them can be an emotional burden and in many cases doctors become less objective in their judgment and decision making.

I've seen countless occasions of motor vehicle accidents and over the years, grown numb to the tragedy of it. I've been in situations when I have to calm down the family members involved, done short post traumatic counsellings, kept silence to let them vent their emotions, but all these have been quite a norm in a daily job. I wish I did not have to see so many accidents cases when I was doing rural clinic, but things like this are just the bread and butter or life in the district. Nothing special.

But things are different when I got a call from my brother saying that mom, dad, and uncle and aunty were involved in a car accident near Sandakan just 2 hours ago. Thank God everybody is well and safe other than a few bruises. The pickup they were driving swerved and went into a ditch when it went through a puddle.

The problem with Sandakan road is that it's layered with palm oil from the fallen fruits from lorries, and when the the fruits got crushed, the oil seeps into the road. So when it rains, the oil, being lighter than water will surface and lessen the grip of car tyres.

I'm doing this entry while doing locum. It took me a few minutes to recompose my thoughts after the news, before I could see the next patient... almost cried for no reason lagi nih... now I'm just being extremely grateful that everything is fine and everybody is safe.

Where is my doctor to calm me down and tell me everything is okay when it comes to my turn?


JR said...

Ok..lie down. Tell me how are you feeling right now. Relax.

ARTEo said...

geesh... how much you're gonna charge for that?

Vic said...

Hey dude...hope you are alright dude.So glad everyone is ok.Keep the faith old friend.