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My Own Happiness Project
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distant memory... part i... alma mater...

I have been working for 5 years this June, and it has been that long since I left University of Malaya. I have been back a few times to UM before, to meet up with some juniors, or just passing through (because the 2 gates of UM connects KL and PJ). This time, I came over to see my chances of reattaching myself as a student here... Don't know if I am making the right move, many have told me their regrets in furthering their studies...

I went first to the Faculty of Law to inquire about the external paper they're offering for Bachelor of Jurisprudence. I've been thinking about taking this course since the second year of work, while in Tungku. I missed the boat then, and still missed it this time round. Sigh. I guess there's much uncertainties in the usefulness of a Law degree when I am not going to practice it, but I am sure medicolegal business would take on, some time in the near future. Since UM doesn't allow any students to be taking 2 courses at the same time, I'd probably have to resort to taking LLB instead of this if I want to take up Law at all...

But I still went to the faculty to get the forms, and took some pictures...

So Ewann, miss this place?

The Law Faculty.

The sports field in front of Law Faculty. This is where they play football and sometimes rugby.

Second Residential College

This is the supper stall at 6th Residential College, or Kolej Kediaman Ibn Sina. I spent 4 years taking supper at this place, and it so happened that the day I visited them is the last they're going to be there. Apparently they lost the tender to another person. Surprisingly the waiters and the owner still remember me after all these years!

The arrow points to my room (below), top floor, fourth window from the right... can't really see it now because the palm trees have gotten taller since the last time I stayed there. My room used to be easily distinguishable from the rest because it was the only one with blue walls inside, and with jazz playing all the time.

The lobby. This used to be newspaper reading area, but it's much cleaner now.

Another obvious change is the grill door installed at the dormitory.

The TV room. Still the same.

They named the patch of field in front of our block as Dataran Sentua. Previously it was just called... patch of field.

This is funny. You'd know that Dr Sham is married and has a family because... he stays in the genital room number 4.

Dining Hall where we share meals with a bunch of cats and birds...

There was a puddle on this patch of grass before, and now they built a bridge over and a water fountain on that puddle. Impressive!

The arrow shows the morgue which is situated right in the middle of the faculty on the right and the hospital on the left. Every night coming back from night duty we have to pass this spooky place to go back to hostel.

The PekanBuku bookshop in the hospital.

This is the walkway that connects the hospital to the residential college. Just to the right of the end of this tunnel is the morgue I showed earlier. There was an incident that happened here when I was in first year medic. One fine night, I decided to have an asthma attack, so I had to walk to the hospital in the middle of the night. I was about 2 am if I'm not mistaken. I am usually not bothered by stories I heard about the place, but that night it was just very chilly, especially when I'm literally out of breath. But I just walked on... then at just about 10 meters from the end of the tunnel, suddenly there was a loud noise from the end and an aluminum transport coffin appeared from the side. I'm not kidding, I was quite mortified, I stopped in my path, my heart stopped a while, and was relieved only after a man appeared behind the coffin, pushing it. I half expected the coffin to be moving on its own!

The Lecture Hall of Medical Faculty... where I spent much of my time trying not to fall asleep.

Another place that was really sleep inducing. I could not, for the life of me, sustain a descent 15 minutes reading in this library without getting really sleepy. The best place to read, was actually on my bed in my bedroom. I literally studied medicine on my tummy.

The reason I came back to the Faculty is to get information on the Masters Programme they offer for Public Health. SPM or Social Preventive Medicine subjects were not my favourite during med school. They always have lectures on Friday afternoons, and that's the most escapable subject of all. Now thinking back, they did not do much justice to the field of Public Health by making the classes so boring, no wonder not many doctors see the importance of PH in their line of service today. Personally, I came to appreciate PH only when I was sent to a remote village in Lahad Datu, the best 2 and half years of my life as a doctor.

Even the Department of SPM looks dreadfully boring...

I am interested in the Masters programme they offer, which is upgradeable to a Doctorate Programme after just 1 year - provided an excellent result during the first year.

After that, I went to visit Dr Tony who is doing Masters in Surgery in UMMC. Going back to sit with the patients brings back a lot of fond memories when I was doing clinical medicine. Not that I have forgotten all that, but I realised that this is not the only way a doctor can help people, or even make a difference in the life of another.

The Tunnel at the main entrance of UMMC.

note: all photos taken with my camera-phone W610i


RJO said...

Greetings from the other side of the world. I maintain a website about residential colleges, and so was pleased to find this post. It's always good to see pictures of residential colleges around the world, and to learn more about what they are like. Many universities are establishing residential college systems today -- Malaysian universities are ahead of the game.

ARTEo said...

thanks for coming over, glad to be of little info... i was just trying to highlight the differences i see over a period of 5 years since i last stayed there. :-)