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My Own Happiness Project
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ironic turn of event... mock outbreak turns real....

Ah, I finally am connected again and trying to do as much as I can before the connection decides to act up again. Now, where were we...

19 JUNE 2008
Thursday, Kundasang

The morning started with continuation of the mock outbreak of Avian Influenza in our make believe state, of which I was the State Director (kunun). The simulation includes a visit from a make believe Chief Minister, acted by Dr Tajul (wow, he can really act) and the Health Exco (by Dr Khebir)

Make believe villagers and press asked questions after questions to make the simulation practice more realistic.

The funny thing about coming for this mock outbreak, and learning how to manage it was that we actually had an actual outbreak at the same time. By noon on the fourth day, more and more people were coming up with symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, and gastric discomfort. Suspicion of food poisoning was made and that lead us to promptly organise another group, this time for real, to investigate the matter.

Almost half of the participants were sick by now, but I was feeling well. They put up a cohort study, and deviced a questionnaire on the spot to investigate all of us.

While all these were happening, being well, I went down to Kundasang Health Clinic for a visit. I remembered asking to be relocated here when they gave my first district posting in Lahad Datu.

On the way down to the clinic, passing through shops on the roadside selling fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Kundasang Health Clinic.

With a view like this, I don't blame Dr Wong for staying put here for more than 10 years. The mountain is usually seen on a less foggy day.

This was not taken on the same day.

By the time I came back to the hotel, the inspectorate has already gone through the hotel's kitchen and done sampling on the food prepared there. The hypothesis remains that those people got food poisoning from the food, but nothing conclussive until the lab result comes back. Anyway, the condition of the kitchen netrayed them all. It was really not in its prime condition, and not even anywhere near it. They left us no choice but to shut the kitchen on the spot and banned them from using the facility until they improve.

The notice that's stuck to the front entrance of the restaurant kitchen. Premis is closed until further notice with immediate effect. Ouch.

That night was supposed to be out Malam Mesra and we were promised streamboat and performances. since the kitchen was closed earlier, we had no choice but to get take-out from other place, not that I am complaining, you'll see why......

But one thing I'd like to complain was that the food came sooooo bloooody late, we were eating cakes from a packet, a rare delicacy (delicacy?) I won't even think of touching on a normal occasion.

Food finally came at about 10pm when we have been waiting since 730pm. I gobbled down my KFC (no, actually I slowly and chewed every mouthfull 20 times before swallowing, making small talks in between bites about how good life is) and was satisfied.

Not 10 minutes later, I felt a little bit uneasy on the stomach, maybe resulting from my table manners, and in the toilet I regurgitated half of what I ate that night. Feeling more bouts of anti-peristalsis, I got myself excused to the room and let out the remaining portion of that night's dinner, plus the afternoon's beef and vegetable. Gross. I did not digest anything since afternoon.

So it was official, I had succumbed also to food poisoning, and the next day, I filled in another form, for those who got sick later.

Good thing it was a cohort study!

all photos taken with RICOH Caplio GX8
photos by PicHarmonics Photography

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