My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


business as usual........

Early morning the next day, the Inspectorate Team in charge of food premises were called in to make a follow up evaluation. In fact, Dr Jenarun who is the Health Officer in charge of the whole area was given a call at 12am the previous night to inform that they're ready to be re-evaluated. That's the spirit, but a tad bit too much lah.

The condition of the kitchen was much better than it was yesterday, and although they still don't get impressive marks overall, the improvement was remarkable. After being ordered to do a final surface disinfection, they were allowed to reopen and lunch was allowed to be served.

The whole 4 days (I missed the opening day) was totally a working drill that prepared me for the work that awaits me at the district.

Standing among the ranks: Dr Jenarun (Tuaran, Ranau) Arteo (Beluran), Liza, Dr Khebir (Kudat), Bona, forgot-his-name, Dr Richard (Keningau).

Another coloured picture to give justice to the mountain...

all photos taken with RICOH Caplio GX8
photos by PicHarmonics Photography

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