My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


back on a jet plane...... beluran day 2......

Actually I went to Beluran this time round only to report duty, and sort out some really really really urgent matters. I will come back here for good after I've sorted out some more important stuffs at the HQ.

Day 2 started with people lining up in front of my office, all with papers for me to sign. If only I were a superstar, it would be appropriate, but in reality, people were asking for transfer approval, asking for leave, unsorted bills etc... sigh.

There was even already a case of a staff going around with an MC for 4 months, milking off the poor government's tit not doing work when she is in fact already well.

This is the administrative office, with clutters everywhere. Not that I have hoarders working in the office, just that the space we're renting is really really small.

Wah, my own name on my own plaque on my own door in my own room.... That will do for now.

Public Health. I strongly believe that medical schools generally don't do justice to this field. When I was in UM they never told us that it would be this much fun, instead they bombarded our Friday afternoons with statistical classes and boring computer applications.

I learned to like Public Health only after a year in service while still in Lahad Datu. Late have I come to understand the significance of this field. In fact, when we speak of the bigger international level health authorities, like WHO - World Health Organisation or UNGASS - whatever that stands for I can't remember, we're basically talking about Public Health!

Of course I still like to do clinical works (although I couldn't imagine another day in the hospital) but there's so much to do on this side of medicine as well. Public health talks about treating a community rather than individuals. Peers from the other side of medicine more often than not give a kind of 'look' when they hear about me staying in Public Health. I don't blame their shallow mindedness actually. Anyway, the field of Medicine seems to suggest we have to hand out some pills in the end, doesn't it?

I recently had a strained conversation with my folks about this even. Well, it's a taken fact that people don't see doctors doing community health management as doing medicine at all. Even among our own professional peers can't get it, so it's okay.

Well, at the end of the day, it boils down to what makes us happy, and I've seen clinical doctors who whines about work all the time, complaining and cursing their chosen field all when they're too scared to come and find out what public health is all about.

As for me, yep, Public Health makes me feel much alive.

Ah yes, UNGASS stands for United Nations General Assembly Special Session (on HIV/AIDS).

all photos taken with RICOH Caplio GX8
by PicHarmonics Photography

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