My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


final bits of exam and operation toy story.......

  1. Currently on my semester break proper, while waiting for the result of the exams and registration of the next semester.
  2. Exam for the last few papers weren't that fabulous. I got numb from disappointment on the OEH paper, so I guess I went in for HRA (Health Risk Assessment) with an ounce less expectation. Told myself I won't be an Occupational Health Physician anyway. But hey! I actually felt much relaxed, not so stressed about the exam and it was a pinch lighter on the nerves.
  3. Law and Health was, as predicted, another kelentong paper. Again as usual, i spent too much time answering the Problem Solving Questions and the Essays I didn't have much time allocated for the Short Notes. At the end, my Short Notes were REALLY short. But good riddance, I was just happy to breathe again after the last paper.
  4. Started to go to the gym again. Had a swollen toe, my foot was hurting, not wanting to shock the system for my first day of workout so I took it easy a little bit (sounds like an excuse no matter how I put it ;o/)
  5. Had my body fat composition measured (just for the fun of it) again and the numbers really hit me pretty hard on the self esteem department and I was feeling pretty shitty about myself. So I decided to rescue some self respect while doing my locum last weekend, I started writing personal notes to people in my facebook friends list, appealing to those I know are in KL for used toys to be given out to kids who don't get to go back for Christmas in the hospital.
  6. Few key friends responded and offered to re-post the plea in their website and open up a collection box at their workplace! Pang from Annexe Gallery and Poesy from Helping Angels helped to make the project viral... and within hours (yes, hours) of their involvement, I started having an incredible influx of emails asking for more information and volunteering to help. It's really a matter of not what you know, but who you know ;o)
  7. Even Patrick Teoh, yeah I can't believe it at first too, Patrick Teoh of the broadcasting fame, re-posted the plea in his blog and tweeted about it! And so many people were directed from his blog to this project! Ahh.... this project has become bigger than it was intended when first conceived about 10 years ago!
  8. I'm still having to reply up to 30 emails each day, and I'm just overwhelmed by the generosity of the people.
  9. At least I am thinking less about the 42.2% that makes me unhappy in the first place ;o/
  10. More updates on Project Operation Toy Story later ;o) ... ... ...

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