My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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chicken pox, recurrent bursitis and numb face.....

  1. Can't help but to compare what I am doing this time of the year now and what I was doing last year. This year's inactivity makes it look like I'm just conducting a crickets orchestra. I wish I have been more proactive in doing something to raise awareness on HIV issues, or at least run a charity drive to benefit a home or something.
  2. Lately I always feel a little feverish after locum. Just last night I woke up in the middle of the night with chills and had to take pcm before going back to sleep. Immunity's not like when I was young anymore, nowadays I think I catch bugs from patients more easily. Suppose I should be consistent with my daily supplements of vitamins.
  3. I am most worried when I have to see a patient with chicken pox. I've managed to dodge the infection for the past 31 years though. Nevertheless, I'd still do a proper disinfection and spray the table and chair with Dettol disinfecting aerosol spray every time after seeing such patients.
  4. The weather's been cloudy and gloomy today and I think it's making me sleepy and a bit grey on the moods.
  5. Or it could very well be the 3 tramadol and 2 mefenemic acid capsules I've been taking to kill the pain on my right foot. Damn recurrent bursitis. Now even my face is numb from all the meds.
  6. Well, I guess this could be used as an excuse to make me feel better about not going gym for three days in a row. I hope tomorrow I'll be well enough to go though, got a little embarrassing situation happened while I was trying out jeans at Parkson earlier.
  7. But I don't want to talk about that.....

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