My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


the search for the famous bridge no.8.....

After hearing so much about the restaurant at Bridge No. 8, I've decided last Thursday to finally give it a try. That was because my favourite grilled-fish hawker stall at Sim-sim Market was closed for renovation. I had to get directions from my sister to get there, and after one too many U-turns (apparently my driver never knew such place existed) we finally came to a place that says Jambatan 8. The search started at about 1pm, and we found this place close to 2pm.

Although the chaps carrying the wooden planks never heard of an eatery inside this settlement, the lady at the shed told us there is a place that sells food inside.

The whole length of the main bridge is made of concrete and wooden houses on timber stilts were built along it.

We walked until the end of the bridge, only to be told at the end that we were at the wrong village. The restaurant was supposed to be in the Chinese settlement, further down, with their own Bridge No.8. Disappointed but not defeated, we went on again, and after another one too many U-turns (yes, again) we finally got it.

The Bridge No.8, with Chinese characters around it. Must be the right one.

There is a kindergarten in front of the restaurant, and it was just a short walk to the entrance. There are 2 here, and since the one on the left says they serve no pork, more prominently, we tried that one first.

The restaurant also doubles as a place to get fresh seafood and fish. Just as we were seated, the lady-boss came to tell us they're closed for the afternoon, and suggested we go over to the other side instead. So we did, and they also were out for the afternoon.

It was only 10 minutes to 3pm and lunch was already over! At that time I was just too tired from all the walking about, and not in the mood for nice food anymore. So I told the driver to just go anywhere and get over with lunch.

Lesson learnt: be specific about what kind of eatery is okay when I say "anywhere"...

I was so moody and hungry then, I didn't even want to talk about where I was brought to have lunch.

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