My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


good friends, good times, good day.........

the coffee jesus for
  1. Trying to start my day better today, woke up considerably early (given that I'm on the tail end of my semester break, I could sleep in more), threw the laundry in the washing maching, did the dishes, airpressed myself a good jug of Vietnamese coffee and now getting ready to start the day (well, I was getting ready until I felt the urge to slip in an entry before going out).
  2. Yesterday was a very good day, with pleasant surprises thrown in and catching up with friends over dinner (and coffee) till late night.
  3. First, I decided to go to the Curve, and this is not a place I usually go to hang out, but I just wanted to check out the pepper mill that mom wanted from IKEA. On the way there I was clearing some emails through the phone (there was a traffic jam on the way there - I wasn't twiving!) and happened across a spam mail from A.Ng (as it appeared to be, that he was stuck in some country and needed money to get home bla bla bla), so I tried calling him up but it wouldn't get through. Sent a text asking if he was fine and he replied. So, ok.
  4. After a meatballs + chicken wings lunch at IKEA, I check out the kitchen utensil section and found out that they have changed the design of the pepper mill, and not sure if mom would like this one as much as the old one. So I decided to get it later and take a shortcut through the IKEA maze and head straigh out. Just as I was turning a corner, to my very pleasant surprise, A.Ng was there -- and he was just about to text me, telling me he's looking for a frame for the Coffee Jesus I gave him a while ago. It was a good catch up even though a tad short, and we were  later joined by his youth Joel.
  5. Spent some 7 hours total at the Curve yesterday, for lunch+dinner+supper. Dinner was with JS and CN at Mache. The pricing was a tad steep, but the experience of ordering like from a marketplace was something I've not tried before. JS just got his Ingénieurship yesterday, so again, Well done Ir. Saw!
  6. Managed to finish off a chapter of Happiness Project yesterday, plan for today -- finish another one!

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