My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


disciplines, unnecessary gadgets and routines........

  1. I'm not too sure if this holiday time is too good for my discipline actually. Yes I may have gathered a good amount of reading material to read but haven't got the discipline to actually sit down and do the reading. Instead I've been enjoying the HyppTV that came with Unifi. Not exactly Astro, but will do. 
  2.  The red mouse failed me again, this time for good, so I went out early headed to Section 14 to get a new mouse. I lost my trust in Microsoft gadgets so I got a Logitech instead, for the same price.
  3.  I was quite fascinated by the retro handheld phone receiver called Pop Phone, RM139 that connects to the hand phone and allows you too talk like good old days with the springy cords and everything. 10 minutes contemplating and I decided I don't need it. 
  4. Got a bright red sports pants instead, and hopefully will reignite my mood for gym. 
  5.  The weather's getting gloomy, and it's perfect for an afternoon nap. Just hopefully it won't rain during pasar malam time tonight, I've been waiting a week for this. 
  6.  I think happiness hinges on routines and predictability, sometimes. There's something comforting and assuring about knowing how things are going to turn out, or having a schedule to follow. Perhaps that's my reading assignment next. 
  7. And Owh, I was supposed to read up on Thomas Aquainas and what he said about happiness.

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