My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


KASIH fund raising projects updates.........

I would again like to personally thank you, friends and relatives, for being supportive of KASIH's effort to raise fund to support their works in HIV/AIDS care in Kota Kinabalu. Two fund raising efforts have been successfully carried out since end of last year, and during the recent committee meeting, some figures were given out for transparency of financial management of the funds.

For the Cupcakes Project, a total donation of RM350.00 were collected from friends and relatives to support the cost the cupcakes. The bakery, during the last minute of delivery, decided to slash down some more the cost of the cakes, bringing it down to RM200, so we have extra RM150 from the estimated cost of cupcakes. Yippee!! During distribution, random contribution were collected from the public using milk-tins with perforated caps, and although skeptical about the collection at first, we managed to round up RM743.85 in half a morning!!

My car was fined for parking on the curb that morning, and KASIH has been kind enough to foot the summon, hehe... RM30 down on charity for me ;o}

Total of nett collection in cash for Project Cupcake 2009: RM863.85

The second project was slightly more ambitious, called Bag2School Project, with aims to collect RM5000 from monetary contribution alone. The project was closed at 50% the marked target, raising only RM2500 in donation. This money is used to help children infected and affected by HIV to buy new school uniforms, stationery and school-books.

A lot of contribution came about in forms of goods, creative ideas and services were brought into this project, and for these, I would like to thank these companies for their kind contribution:
  6. not forgetting all friends and relatives that has made financial and time contribution towards this project
Gross total of cash collection for Project Bag2School RM2300.00

Not too bad for a start, eh?

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