My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


where's your red nose?..........

Okay, I think I've owed more than a few of you the explanation of the Red Nose phenomena that's sweeping some circles of facebookers -- although disappointingly slowly, but I hope more will catch the Red Nose and be counted in the Red Nose epidemic casualty list -- because we're all going to go to the hospital together for it!

Here's what's happening.

I have an idea. Let's come together one day, and throw a party, a Kids' Party, at KK's Women and Children Hospital in Likas (formerly known as Hospital Pakar, and before that, the old SMC). Imagine this -- there will be clowns, and balloon twisting! We'll play games, run around, maybe sing along a song or two! Let's throw in some magic tricks, and perhaps a puppet show. There will be food and cakes and sugary drinks! We'll have presents for all the kids there, and not forgetting the ones in the ward who couldn't join us! It will be a day where kids will feel better even before they've seen the doctors. And everyone will be spotting a Red Nose on that day.

When? I'm thinking 1st of April. Let's do up our own Red Nose Day, make some kids (and parents) happy, and throw them some fun, fun, fun! After all, it's supposed to be a fun day, anyway, right?

So who's with me? Put on your Red Nose, and let's do this!
We need a plan to be put up soon, please leave a message here at the blog, or leave me a remark on the facebook comments if you're interested to join in making this party happen.
And fellow Red Nose army - do spread this word around

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