My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


arteo finally bakes, move aside anna olson.....

In 2008 I made myself a resolution, that was to make cookies. At least once. So I went out to Penampang Survey with my siblings, and got myself a box of (almost) instant cookie mix, chocolate flavour, and hopefully I would cross out the to-do item that year. Unfortunately the cookie flour expired before I got to work, and I bought another box in 2009, with a renewed resolution to bake that year. The same fate befalls that box of cookie mix. The Penampang Servay even was burned down in a fire since then, and still I haven't baked the cookies yet.

Few weeks back, on the same day I got Yiyi her pet fish (now dead), I also gave a third attempt on the cookie business, this time I got myself some butter, and hopefully a stronger will to not let this one go expired again.

The only ingredient needed to make the cookies: an egg, 150gms of butter, and the box of (almost) instant cookie mix. I've been buying this stuff for 3 years in a row, and I've seen how the price has gone up over this period of time. Sigh.

First, to melt the butter to room temperature. I just took this one out of the fridge so it took a while for it to soften.

In order to work fast before my mood for baking goes off, I attempted softening it with a little help from Sandra's hair blower.

It was not much help, even after about 10 minutes later, it only melted a small fraction of the butter. But the room smells like a bakery at that time.

So the more rational method to have a pre-soften butter to work with, was to break it up with a spoon, and let it sit in the kitchen for 1/2 hour while I'm watching the Hokkien mini-series on TV.

After the butter has nicely soften (like it says on the box) I put in the cookie mix into the mixing bowl, and start working on mixing it.

Then slowly pour in the lightly beaten egg.

Vigorously mix and knead the mixture until doughy.

Like this.

Then divide the dough into bite size pieces. A box of that should yield more or less 50 pieces of cookies.

To add colours to my cookies, I am going to sprinkle it with some colourful candy beads.

Sprinkling may prove harder to do in practice compared to theory, so I resorted to pressing it onto the beads instead. Yiyi's gonna just love this methodology.

Ready for the oven.

I was quite disappointed to learn that the box of cookie mix did not come with chocolate chips, since the picture in front of the box shows cookies with choc-chips. I felt cheated, but luckily Sandra has some stock at home.

The finished products. Taa-daa.....

Things to do: Bake Cookies

I gave myself 7.8 stars from the bake-off, so Anna should really think of something else she can do.

By the way, I've recruited her into my Red Nose Project, hope she doesn't mind ;op

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