My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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inspector gadget strikes again........

Going through some hidden and forgotten pile of mess under a bookshelf the other day, I happen to unearth one of my first gadgets from the last millenium, and I'm not kidding.

It is a PDA, or personal digital assistant, but I don't think people call it by its long name anymore. I remember getting it for RM300, no colour, doesn't play music and ran on 2xAA batteries. The spec may be pitiful today, but then it was something to envy of, hehe.

I've since moved on promiscuously from one gadget to another and my latest indulgence came about as a subtle rebellion against the iPhone nation, of which Ben has recently joined last weekend.

I wanted to enroll to the BlackBerry community, but the stiff competition from Nokia made me think a while (like, 45 minutes of phonecall to Ben and Jey), so finally decided to complete the round and come back to Nokia. I was off Nokia loyalty in 2004, moved on to Motorola, then to Sony Ericsson, landed on HTC once and then now back to Nokia again.

Nokia E72 wins just because it can do video call.

From now on, it's going to be living on bread without the luxury of butter. No more gadgets of any sort until July.

Alright, maybe June.

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