My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
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arteo goes for aerobics class.....

It isn't something I am proudest to admit, but yeah, I've joined the housewives club doing aerobics exercise at Likas Gym, and today was my second day there. I have to say, it was terribly intimidating to know and witness that middle age aunties (okay la, at this age maybe I should say middle age sisters) doing better at stability and having better endurance to complete the workout.

not quite!

I had a few people jokingly tease me that I'm there to do eye-laundry, but believe me friends, that's not quite the place to go eye-laundering for. Even if there was a couple of 'em eye-candies around, it's like being in a hall full of chaperons. Now that should should dry up any form of juices in your fantasy! Haha..

The worst thing was doing all that steps after a session of amateur weight lifting the evening before, leaving my shoulders and arms sore and weak even after a couple of sets. It made me think twice if I would ever undermine those pink little rubber coated dumbbells again.

Okay la, maybe the worst was when the instructor, Jane, says to make sure we keep our ball below the knees. Now, that would be a challenge!

Aerobics class is actually open to both men and women, with sessions at 9am, 5pm and 5:45pm weekdays. Daily membership, RM4 per session.

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