My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


thanks very much.......

I would like to personally thank those that has endured the sun and heat at Gaya Street during the AIDS Awareness Campaign last week: staffs and volunteers from KASIH - Monica, Cecelia, Joseph, Agnes, Margaret, Jason, Ng and the guy (aiseh tompinai, siou, lupa pula sya nama ko sudah.. hehe), Emmelia, Sandra, Angeline, John, Jeremy and Fawzul (for agreeing to do this despite being on holiday from KL), Kay and all your beautiful angels from Starbucks - what would we do without you guys?! Of course not forgetting DrFong and her girls!

For your financial support (though it would have been so much more fun with you guys being around!!): Mizal, Elson, Ewann and Phyllis

For coming to visit us and making the whole thing a success: Ben, Effendy, Julia and Jaco, and not forgetting my dad, mom and uncle NK, and all of you who agreed to take a cake from us despite being super suspicious about our shrimp behind the rock in handing out free cupcakes.

Thanks very much

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