My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


new band of army........

Recently there has been a promotion and relocation activity in the State Health Department, and somehow it greatly affected Beluran District Health Office, so much so that by end of this year or early next year, the management team would be lead by a totally new crews.

For a start, I might get a transfer back to the HQ since another more qualified personal is coming over, I don't think I want to be stranded in Beluran and be the second officer in command... haha. Now Sister Rosliah has been promoted as a Matron, and has to work in Sandakan, Sister Malin gets a transfer back to Tawau after 2 rounds of application, Sister Saibi is back in Ranau. PPKP in chief Nosliu might get a lateral transfer to Sandakan Health Office, and PPP in chief Sius is already applying for Keningau. Management side Executive Officer Cham Pa's husband has got a transfer back to West Malaysia and that means she will follow suit pretty soon.

Talking about a total overhaul!

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