My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


cupcakes for hiv/aids awareness campaign........

I'd like to extend a heartiest gratitude to all friends and families who has agreed to join in the fun, distributing cupcakes, creating awareness on HIV/AIDS issues and giving for charity at the same time! As promised, your RM50 contribution will be accompanied by a branded red t-shirt (I know how some of you feel about round-neck Ts, but this is the best bargain I could get for now) and delivered to you preferably before Saturday or on Sunday morning itself ;-)

Those who are coming, please sms/text me your preferred size (gauge: I wear XL, John wears L and Sandra wears M..) If in doubt, gimme a call, I'll size you up, hehe...
  1. Emmelia (M)
  2. Sandra (M)
  3. Angeline (M)
  4. Jeremy (S)
  5. John (L)
  6. Fawzul
  7. Phyllis
  8. Julia (please confirm)
  9. Jaco (please confirm)
  10. Junior
  11. Elson
I would also like to thank those who could make it for that day, but have supported and contributed to this cause: Mizal and Ewann

See you guys soon, please remember to text me your Ts size okay!

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