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My Own Happiness Project
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having the cake... and eating it too...

It has been a while since the last time I remember how it felt to have a group of friends out, doing something for the community (flash back to the Chow Kit days.. or rather, nights... some 10 years ago!)... The last Sunday I had a chance to do that again, in conjuction with KASIH's yearly AIDS Awareness campaign. And it felt good!

Ookikuro woke up rather early for work (a four-wheeler's got to do what a four-wheeler's got to do!) carrying stuffs from KASIH centre to Gaya Street. Having no parking even as early as before 7am, I decided to make the most out of owning a truck -- driving up a curb and parking on the sidewalk, just next to the bank, as close as I could get to the booth-site. My justification, there are a lot of illegal parkers, double parking all over the place anyway, and at least I wasn't blocking the traffic. But I ended up with a ticket and all those other fishers blocking the traffic didn't! Bowdow betul!

The STARBUCKS Angels from coffee-heaven, helping out to create awareness as part of their community project!

Anyway the purpose of the outing was to create public awareness on HIV/AIDS related issues, and get people to at least talk about it... Usually KASIH will be handing out red ribbons for people to wear, but noticing that they usually end up on the floor year after year, we decided to do something different this year - handing out cupcakes with red ribbons on it.

The initial fantasy was to have cupcakes with cream and red marzepan ribbon on them, but I guess limited by availability of marzepan and money to do it, the fantasy was reduced to a reality of bread-van type of cupcakes in plastic wrapping with a red ribbon taped on its top. Oh well, cupcakes schmupcakes, kalau boleh makan, kasi on ja lah...

One obeservation that we did on that day, was that people has taken to the impossibility of free lunchs in the real world. Sabahans actually find it difficult to grasp the fact that there could be some buggers on the street handing out free cupcakes, just because..! Think that it's difficult to do direct selling on the road? Try giving out free stuffs, lagi susah!

Despite the initial low momentum, we managed to dish out 500 pieces of cupcakes and 2000 pieces of good quality condoms by mid-morning!! How about that?! Heh..

During the interview by Insight Sabah. Read the interview here, the last time I checked it's not published yet, so come back soon!

In creating AIDS awareness, condoms are obvious, but why cupcakes? What has it got to do with HIV or AIDS? Well, I've got this question a lot, but my point is, that it isn't really about the cupcakes, as much as getting people to talk about the red ribbon on them. We need to start talking about it, discussing it in our homes and schools and social circles. Awareness only comes via talking about it!

World AIDS Day is celebrated around the globe annually on the 1st of December, to remind us that we all have a part to play to control and prevent the spread of the HIV pandemic.

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