My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


arteo's first blog entry for the year 2014...

  1. Oh wow, it has been a year since I last posted!
  2. There has been a bezillion things happening since 20130615, after my last post on Dharapani Project. I intend to summarize everything here :o) Now where do I even start?
  3. Firstly perhaps, I am going to Nepal in October, just not to Dharapani but to a place called Tsum Valley in Kathmandu. The trip will be a Workation, doing Medical Camps in a few sites while sight-seeing and trekking, with the (more or less) the same group that went to Tacloban for the Medical Relief Mission after the typhoon in January.
  4. And oh yes, I'm back to work, and back in Beluran :o) 
  5. Need to go. Be back soon. I hope...

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