My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


arteo on tremors, multi-para friends, a defense for the macromedicine and the kryptonian......

Dharapani, Nepal.
  1. Since I've got another 4 hours to kill following the decision to best not go to gym while under the Jurassic treatment of asthma using salbutamol pills, which gives me a horrible tremor and a tendency for cramps, I might just find myself a comfy spot with some strong coffee at the side (that might also contribute to the tremors, since this is the 2nd since this morning) and write notes. P-A-T-C-H might have seen better days, but it doesn't mean that I would decommission it all together, so here's a little effort for CPR.
  2. The week has passed ever so slowly, more so when you're waiting for something. Or someone. Or an event. And of course I am theoretically speaking, so no need to postulate :o) Theoretically, not hypothetically, because it's true.
  3. Second hit from a nasty throat infection, and the last time it happened in late March, I was stubborn enough to withhold antibiotics for too long, despite having persistent fever. Not this time, the moment fever hits and I'm already on my way to the pharmacy. Currently on my 3rd bottle of African Sea-Coconut miracle elixir, and I still have 2 stocked up. I swear by this stuff, I really do!
  4. Recently I've been getting news of friends pregnant. I suppose it's auspicious season to get babies now. I'm extremely happy for you multiparas-to-be :oP 
  5. Project Dharapani has been progressing rather slow. I've been checking out possible positions to apply to, but I'm still lacking referees to complete my submission. Ok, dateline next week!
  6. Got invited to a meeting with the PTF as an observer yesterday for their mid-term strategic planning, going through assessment of programmes and further direction. All these SWOT analysis, planning frameworks and all are making me miss working all the more. I was once asked, if I'm not the type that likes to get my hands dirty in medicine because I prefer to get involved in planning and management. Well, I suppose we only have the medical curriculum to blame for underexposing the med-students to macromedicine, where proper and equitable handling of medical and health related resources, mobilization of health personnel and community to contain and control diseases, development of health policies that are able to look through the good for humanity rather than for immediate and temporary solutions; are just as important as treating a patient, fixing the ailment and send them off happy and wholesome.
  7. Going for Man of Steel with the gym kakis later, having anticipated this movie for so long. I guess I failed to mention to them that I got too impatient on the premier night and I went to watch it already. But like I told someone, it's a watch-3-times-in-the-cinema type of movie. Or maybe more. And don't expect to hear "up, up, and away...." 

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