My Own Happiness Project

My Own Happiness Project
because happiness begins inside and flows out...


evidence that arteo's still alive.....

  1. It's been a while, yeah. I've been meaning to jot down notes on my less than interesting life events but every time I signed in and opened the notepad programme, I'd be overwhelmed by things to write and in the end I'd lose the mood and start facebooking away.
  2. As I was just reading a post on a friend's blog, I am reminded that writing things down may not necessarily mean I am assuming that people are interested with my life, rather it be a black and white evident just in case of amnesia or suffering such consequences of old age.
  3. Currently doing locum at KDA Kinrara, trying to recover from the damage done at Bangkok. Guess I'll be talking about Bangkok in another post.
  4. I've since passed my Master, and now continuing to do the Doctorate part of the deal. Starting only in September, these 3 months would be a pain to pass. The Uni is entrusted to keep us occupied and each one of us are assigned for a project to do. Other than that, I still have a thesis proposal to submit and impress the panel with, since I screwed up one of the core subjects by getting a B-.
  5. I thought being such a people person, I'd have no problem getting through Society and Behavior in Health module. Maybe I'm not so much a people person after all. Maybe I'm an anti-social unknowingly!
  6. Anyway, the clinic's closing and so I have to finish this sentence and log off. I can hear the admin staff crunching the cash register outside, this is my favorite time of the day -- getting paid! ;o)
  7. If I'm lucky, the Chinese kopitiam nextdoor would still have some bakchang left. Happy bakchang day!!

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